Customization is Available for Pre-Made Book Covers

The following book covers are available for purchase. You supply the title and author name and we will alter the image to include the supplied information. Minor changes can be made to the image upon request. If changes are minor enough to accomplish, they may be done at no charge. (Examples of minor changes might be font type, word placement, font color or size, banner color or border, etc. Detailed changes might include change of hair color, inserting a different model or background, altering the scenery, etc.)

Charges for changes are $25 per hour and at our discretion, but incurred only with prior approval from the client. Don't be afraid to ask about changes. They may be more/less complex than you might think.

To avoid duplicate book covers, once a book cover is purchased by a client, it will be removed from the site and unavailable for others to purchase.

Not finding what you're looking for? Let us know and we'll see what we can do to add those designs to our products!

 [webphysiology_portfolio portfolio_type=pre-made-covers-2]

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