Fiction Friday – Writing Prompt #3

Time for our weekly challenge – FICTION FRIDAY! Let's get rollin'!

Writing Prompt #3

Use this in your writing prompt:

This was not the way he expected to die.

Guidelines for Writing Prompt

  1. Ponder the prompt for no more than 1-2 minutes, allowing your mind to form ideas.
  2. Set a timer for FIVE (5) MINUTES
  3. WRITE!
  4. When the timer goes off, STOP WRITING. If you have to finish a thought or sentence, do so.
  5. Publish the prompt on your blog as an individual post. Please link back to this post.
  6. Come back here and post the link to your blog.

It's up to you if you wish to clean your writing up and do a little editing prior to publishing on your blog. But the point is not perfection.

What is Fiction Friday?

Fiction Friday is a weekly blog challenge for writers – experienced and aspiring alike. Each Friday at 12:30 am, a prompt is posted here – whether it's text, a quote or even a picture – and those who take up the challenge will write whatever ideas this prompt stimulates. CLICK HERE to see the benefits of participating in this weekly challenge.

Part of what I do here at is encourage authors to build their mailing lists AND give away samples of their writing to their subscribers – free short stories, flash fiction or intriguing writing prompts. Be sure to check out my Mailing List Series for more information and ideas.

In an effort to give authors a little nudge to produce this content, I've created my own Fiction Friday blog challenge. Enjoy!

Happy writing!

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