Amazon Only Cares About One Rule – Reblogged Article

Amazon has done it again with screwing up their internal system response and horrible customer service and the authors are the ones who suffer for it.

David Gaughran writes about his recent experience with Amazon's KDP Select program and how they threatened to take away his KDP Select status AND canceled his Kindle Countdown without notice because of a glitch on a German website. CLICK HERE to read the article.

What it boils down to is the Zon knows authors are making more money through them than any other online bookseller, so they don't care if authors are getting screwed by their technical glitches. Only 7% of Amazon's revenue is from books. The rest of their money comes through everything else they sell on the planet via their website. Why should they care if authors pull their books out of KU? If Amazon lost all their books, it wouldn't put much of a dent in their income.

And yet because the other retailers haven't upped their game to effectively compete with the Zon and give the big 800-lb gorilla a run for its money, authors really don't have anywhere else to go. According to Author Earnings and their February 2017, Amazon is selling 82% of the books sales around the world. The readers are at Amazon, so that's where the authors are selling their books. Even if all the indie authors were to combine their efforts and leave AMZ, the Big 5 are happy to stay and take the sales. Indie authors are their biggest competition. Why would they leave the big seller?

What do you think? Do you think authors would be able to ban together and boycott Amazon? Do you think it would be successful? How do you think your readers would respond if you asked them to buy your books at another retailer? You do have a mailing list where you can contact them, right?? Let's open a discussion here!

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