566d3-arial_2003_areWriter ~ Editor ~ Cover Designer ~ Instructor

I have been a writing in one capacity or another since 1991, which is when I left active duty in the Air Force and started writing at home full time as a dependent wife in England (stationed at RAF Alconbury). I began writing children's and women's magazine articles but eventually found myself in the corporate world after I came back to the USA. For 15 years, I wrote technical manuals, created websites and did a lot of organizational development, leadership training and software courses (classroom and online) for large companies like 20th Century Fox and Sony Pictures Entertainment.

In 2006, I met my husband and told him about the novel I wrote in 1991, about hot Scottish Vampires. He loved the idea, encouraged me to revise and continue working on it, and I eventually landed a contract. But, being the control freak I was, I bought my rights back and decided to publish the book myself.

Since then, I have self-published over a half-dozen books, been an editor and cover designer for two small presses, freelanced editing and cover design, and have been heavily involved in helping my fellow authors learn how to effectively reach out to their mailing lists…and how to actually enjoy doing it! Using my past experience as an instructor, I've conducted several writing webinars and training sessions (online and at conventions) and will soon be launching a line of instructional videos to help authors achieve their dreams to write and sell enough books to pay their bills.

Never give up! Never surrender!